Vertical Shiplap External Cladding

Pineclad and Pineclad TMT timber weatherboard profiles are manufactured locally from FSC® Certified New Zealand plantation grown Radiata Pine.

Graded, defected and machined, solid and finger jointed profiles are treated to H3.1 hazard class with LOSP or thermally modified. 

Pineclad profiles are supplied treated with a factory alkyd pre-primer, ready for sanding and re-priming with acrylic undercoats and topcoats as part of a three-coat paint system.

Pineclad TMT profiles are supplied thermally modified with either an initial coating of Drydan Wood Oil or a factory applied pre-primer.

  • FSC Certified, New Zealand grown Radiata Pine
  • Codemark assurance
  • Pineclad for paint finishes with an LRV greater than 45%
  • Pineclad TMT for paint finishes with a LRV less than 45%

Exterior Timber Cladding

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Sizes Available

90 x 18mm, 135 x 18mm, 140 x 18mm, 180 x 18mm

Architectural Details and Profiles

Technical Documents

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