Hume Plywood

Structural and Non Structural

Hume Plywood is a third-party certificate plywood manufactured in Asia to New Zealand standards. It is supplied in structural grade F11 Flooring and Roofing. The outer plies have a finish grade of CC and has a tongue and groove edge for improved insulation.

Untreated products are suitable for all dry interior uses where protected from weather or dampness, including but not limited to structural flooring, flooring diaphragm, and ceiling diaphragm. It may be used as a roof sheathing where provided for by a BRANZ appraisal or CodeMark.

Select offers are available treated to H3 (ACQ) to meet uses and treatment requirements as defined in NZS 3602:2003.

Non-structural untreated plywood is also available in a range of thicknesses.